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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Yummy Mummy Maternity Review*

I received some beautiful maternity clothes from Yummy Mummy Maternity. I thought I would share them with you as if like me and you're pregnant it is a nightmare to find clothes to wear. I have really struggled finding nice comfortable clothing and have been living in long tops and leggings and it becomes so boring dressing the same day in day out. It really is quite difficult dressing a growing bump!

First I got sent a lovely swimsuit which is perfect and fit's over my bump lovely. I was after a maternity swimsuit for a while as Josh really enjoys going swimming and I am no where near brave enough to wear a bikini while being pregnant so this was perfect. I love the colours used and the style and fit are lovely. The stripes are really flattering and a few of the pregnant ladies in the swimming pool asked me where it was from which is always a good sign.

Next they sent me this lovely top which is really stretchy and goes over my bump with ease. I love the colour and material they used it really is such a comfortable top to wear and chuck over a pair of leggings or a pair of jeans.I love that I would still be able to wear this when Im not pregnant as its such a lovely fit that it would suit any body shape. The stretchiness of the material really is perfect to cover your growing bump and I have been living in this top for the last few weeks as my bump just keeps growing! It really is lovely for summer as it's nice and light and flows lovely ensuring you stay nice and cool.

The dress is by far my favourite. I love it so much! I have had so many compliments when I wear it as its the perfect maxi dress. The fit is perfect clings to all the right areas and really accentuates your growing bump in the loveliest way. I love the stripes I think they are so flattering and the colour is lovely too. In the last few days we have had lovely weather and I have practically been wearing this every day as its so easy to chuck on and keeps you nice and cool while still looking lovely. The material yet again is so stretchy so I know it will last my entire pregnancy, but I am still really excited to be able to wear it afterwards too and I think it will be my going home outfit in hospital if the weather is nice.

I love the maternity range this website has to offer and would recommend them to any pregnant lady who are after affordable, comfortable but most importantly lovely looking clothes to wear. Pregnancy is hard enough without having to struggle to find something that fit's and looks nice so I love coming across websites like this and I really did have to share them with you.

Check them out here

Did you find it hard to dress your growing bump? I certainly have!



Thursday, 19 May 2016


I can't quite believe I'm 38 weeks pregnant already. Thats two weeks till due date and only 4 weeks until he will definitely be here, how crazy. I have had a pretty rough week this week being in hospital monitored twice! High blood pressure and headaches/blurred vision which I need to keep an eye on but they sent me home to rest up and hopefully that's it all sorted. I have been stressing a lot over Joshua's fourth birthday party on Saturday so maybe that has something to do with it?

Baby is the size of a leek this week and weighs in at around 6/7 pounds. He is pretty much a fully developed baby just going to get a little fatter but everything else is formed and lovely. I have been super tired with lots of braxton hicks and cramps which I'm hoping means I'm nearing the end! I haven't got another midwife appointment until I'm 39+4 and I'm hoping he will be here by then but if he's as lazy as Will then I shall see you with baby photos in a months time!

Josh is still talking more about baby and how excited he is to feed him his bottle and cuddle him to sleep in mummy's bed at night. He is really happy his little brother is going to bring him a present too (all bought just need to wrap!) From the start I have told him his baby will be coming after his birthday party which is this Saturday so he will probably be asking when he's coming on a day to day basis soon. 

I have gone off eating this week too which isn't like me as I love food. Me and Will have been going on lots of long walks to encourage him to make a move which hasn't worked yet. Also been eating my body weight in pineapple and drinking lots of cups of raspberry leaf tea. Lets just hope he doesn't make an appearance at his big brothers birthday party or even on his fourth birthday I would hate for them to have to share the day!

Its mad because I am on so many baby groups for the end of May/June babies and there have been so many births. It really does make me realise how close we are to having a little baby in our arms and we are all so excited. I really can't wait for my two babies to meet. 

Baby buy of the week

Look at how cute and little this summer romper my nan got us is!

This pregnancy has flown by hasn't it?


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Friends from afar

One of my lovely best friends came all the way down from Watford last weekend to come and visit me and be at my baby shower and I was so excited to see her. Obviously living so far away from each other makes it a lot harder to see each other which I really do hate. She only stayed for the one night as she had work on the Monday morning but it was so lovely being able to see her. We spent the Saturday afternoon at my baby shower and had a lovely time she even painted my toe nails before we went as I can't reach them any more! (What a true friend!)

She had an early night on the Saturday as the traveling and all day outside in the heat gave her such a bad migraine and I really felt for her as we didn't have that long together so it was rubbish timing! After a lovely nights sleep (for her anyway I wake up every hour to pee!) she felt so much better and I decided to treat us both to a Fino Lounge breakfast. I love going to the Fino Lounge for pancakes and a milkshake so wanted her to enjoy the same experience! She went with a strawberry milkshake and pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. Who even has that? Can someone else agree with me that it's such a random choice of toppings for a sweet pancake.

I went with a more normal choice of strawberries and bananas and I loved it as per usual. A chocolate milkshake to go with it and its your perfect breakfast especially for a warm Sunday morning. I love the decor in the Fino Lounge and Laura took a few photos on her camera that I thought I would share too.

We then come back and walked Josh to the park close to my house which he loves. He had the magical monkey from nursery that weekend and he was so excited. The idea is to take the monkey on lots of adventures taking photos along the way and sharing it in the nursery photo book, so they can all read about it back at nursery Monday morning. Josh took the monkey to a play place with his friends on the Friday. Saturday he took him to the park and to mummy's baby shower and Sunday, he took him for a ride on our tortoises and another trip to the park to play with his digger he really did have a busy weekend.

On the way there Laura also took these lovely photo's of Josh in his favourite little tunnel. I love his outfit its so bright and summery and all from Zara.

I really do wish she lived closer to me but it makes the times we have together even more special and I can't wait to see her again in August when she comes down to take a trip to Barry island! 



Tuesday, 10 May 2016


On Saturday my lovely sister in law organised baby shower for me. The theme was afternoon tea and she really did a brilliant job, I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon/evening. All my friends and some of my family (and wills) came along to Will's mum's house and it was so lovely to have everyone I care about all in one house. The weather held up lovely and we had it in a marquee in the garden which was really nice. She decorated the marquee with lots of lovely balloons and fairy lights and little pastel lantern lights which were super pretty.

My friend made the cake and I loved it. Josh loved helping me cut it at the end and handing out all the pieces to everyone he was such a good little helper. Me and will are so lucky to have such amazing people in our life who make such an effort. The time they all put in to decorate and organise was incredible and I really can't thank them enough. We played a few games such as guess the flavour in the nappy, predict the babies arrival date/time/weight, guess my bump size and guess the baby food. It was a real laugh and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Guess the flavour in the nappy was funny as everyone was tempted to try all the flavours as Becky had melted mint aeros and snickers in some of them and they smelt amazing. Some of the guesses in guess my bump size was offensive!! (haha) but the one group got it pretty spot on! (They also won every single game but there was a fair few of them so they had a massive advantage!) As for the baby food in dishes, some of the flavours were vile and I really don't know how some babies eat them! Things such as chicken dinner, carrots and swede etc really weren't for me! 

 We had a few drinks to celebrate and the pimms went down with everyone! I loved the afternoon tea element as I really enjoy going for afternoon tea. They covered the cake stands with a range of cakes, scones, sandwiches and cupcakes and the tables were full. 

Walking in to the marquee and seeing every one sat there was so lovely and a little overwhelming to see how many people actually care. They were all so generous with their gifts they gave us. We truly are extremly lucky to have so many good people in our lives. We had so many cute outfits and hampers and the most amazing baby swing. My friend's also clubbed together and bought us our car seat which I am so grateful for. The maxi dress I wore I am going to do a separate post on as I received some lovely maternity clothes to review. My sister in law and future mother in law did me super proud and I don't know what I would do without either of them. I loved every small detail they put in to my baby shower and really enjoyed myself. Having Josh there was extra special and he really loved the attention while he did gymnastics in the garden with my friend's little girl. 

My one friend came all the way from Watford to be there and it really makes me appreciate the amazing friendships I have. My mum and Becky ended the baby shower with a lovely little speech as I hate public speaking and it finished the night perfectly. I will do a separate post on all the lovely gifts we received too.

Did you have a baby shower?


Thursday, 28 April 2016


I cannot believe I have been pregnant for 35 weeks with only 5 weeks left to wait! It's crazy this pregnancy has completely flown by and I am getting more nervous each week. Baby is around 5.5lb this week and measures in at around 20 inches. He is basically like a newborn baby now all fully developed and just needing to pack on a little extra fat. Although seen as though I have been told this baby is quite big already Im not worried about that! 

I had my midwife appointment this week for a check up. She told me I was measuring three weeks behind bump wise but as she could feel the baby she wasn't worried at all as he felt 'really big.' I wish they would stop telling me this fact it makes me so anxious for delivery.  He is still head down which he has been for the past several weeks which is good as Josh was breach up until late pregnancy. My stomach is still quite sore and painful but I have been told its because of previous pregnancy, your body muscles aren't as strong as they were.

I still don't feel like its this close to due date. I think as maybe this time around with Josh I had his entire nursery painted decorated, clothes all hung up ready and nappies and wipes all stacked up waiting. As our house isn't ready yet I can't do that , so I have had to split Josh's wardrobe and draw space with the baby.  I have given Josh most of my wardrobe as he has more clothes than me!! 

I am basically living in over sized tops and leggings and cannot wait to wear normal clothes again. This week Josh has been talking more and more about how he wants to cuddle and look after his brother. How he wants to share all of his toys with him and play cars together which I think is really cute. It did make me laugh when I asked him if he would share his mickey (he has had mickey since he was a baby and its never out of his sight!) and he quickly responded with 'absolutely not' I take that as a no?

His movements have been painful this week. He is either kicking under my ribs or moving under my hip bone. It is getting rather uncomfortable each day and you forget that doing even the smallest of every day tasks become more tiring. I was trying to sort our mine and Josh's room and felt like I had completed a marathon! 

My apps this week;

Look at how close his little hands are to being fully grown. So cute.

Baby purchase of the week;



Monday, 25 April 2016


I really can't believe my baby will be four next month. Where have the last four years gone?
Planning Joshua's party has been incredibly challenging. Last years party was hard enough to plan and he only had a bunch of friends. This year however, Josh's whole nursery class will be coming. That's 39 children, plus his friends outside of nursery. Help!
 Being heavily pregnant makes everything so much harder. Trying to get the house sorted for the baby and now having to plan this party, is just added stress I really do not need.

  Joshua's favourite thing at the moment is Paw Patrol so picking a theme for his party was easy. What hasn't been so easy, is organising it! I like being super organised so I booked the party a couple of months ago. All I had to do was book the venue. Everything was going so smoothly until a phone call I had a couple of weeks ago. The company I had booked who sort out all of the games and disco etc, had double booked us so could no longer do it. Finding a company who have the Paw Patrol mascots Josh wants, available on his birthday, is like finding a needle in a haystack. 
After hours of searching, I eventually found a company who hired out the right mascots and did party games, a disco and balloon modelling, which I think all the little one's will love. I have also hired out an extra mascot because Josh couldn't decide who his favourite was, and after wanting the whole cast, we compromised. 

I have hired out a church hall which I hope will be big enough. I have also ordered bits and bobs for the party bags which have been a nightmare. Everything is so expensive and the thought of most of the things just going straight in the bin is even more frustrating. 

As for a cake, every single year without fail we have bought a £70-£80 cake and it has always gone to waste. This year, I am refusing to spend so much so I'm just going to buy  the £10 Paw Patrol cake from Sainsbury's which he will love equally as much as a personalised one. 

Another major thing to think about is the food! Food to feed 50 children? Every party Josh has been to this year, they have nearly all done a buffet. The food which ends up going to waste is ridiculous and watching piles of sandwiches get emptied into black bins made me think about the best way to do it. I think I will still do a buffet as it's the easiest option, but I will certainly not be making mountains of food like last year. Do three or four year olds really want to sit at a table and eat whilst at a party? No, they just want to play! So I will definitely not be going over board. 

I get so paranoid at kids party's that everyone isn't enjoying themselves or there isn't enough to do. Last year I ordered so many different things for them like activity tables, bouncy castles and soft play along with a face painter/glitter tattooist with music. I am debating getting another face painter this year just in case some of the kids don't feel confident to dance around and play games. I know Josh can be quite shy and stay by my side so it will be nice for those not so confident kids. I also have a few of my friends little ones (mainly over one) coming too, and I really want something there for them to do to! There really is so much to think about isn't there? 

Also another thing is presents. The thought of 50 presents scares me so much. We have far too many toys now let alone after this party. Where will I store them all? It will be like christmas all over again!

I have ordered lots of plates and napkins, banners, balloons and bunting. All I really need to sort out now is the food which obviously I shall have to do closer to the day. It is mad how much all these things cost. If I was to add it all together, I would be gobsmacked. It is a good job they are worth it, right? Let's just hope I don't go into labour just before or during this party. Josh would never forgive me! Stay in there baby or you will have one unhappy big brother! 

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