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Monday, 17 October 2016

Start Winter-Proofing Your Skin Now!

Winter is a time for cosying up, enjoying quality time with friends and family at Christmas and embracing the woolly jumper. Sadly, despite all its many good points, winter is usually not the best time of year when it comes to your appearance. The cold, wet, and windy weather can take its toll on your skin and hair, and your once-golden skin can quickly lose its glow. It may only be autumn, but it’s not too early to start prepping for the new season and winter-proofing your skin. These simple steps will help you to look and feel your best, regardless of the weather.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
When it’s cold outside, most of us run the risk of dry, flaky skin. You should never underestimate the importance of moisturising. This is particularly important if you’ve been outside and your skin has been exposed to the elements. Don’t just focus on your face. Apply body lotion all over, and invest in a nourishing hand cream. Ideally, you should moisturise at least once a day. In the cooler months, go for thicker, heavier products. If you have sensitive skin, look for organic lotions and unperfumed creams. Take a look at brands such as Tropic Skincare for natural products. If you have combination skin, you can buy products designed for your skin type. These will give you softer, hydrated skin without making your face feel oily. If you’re unsure what products to buy, there are various things you can do. Visit a skincare expert or take a trip to your local department store and ask for advice. Read glossy magazines or check out online reviews. You’ll often find that get more choice if you shop online.

Fake that glow
Short of booking a tropical winter retreat, there are limited options when it comes to looking golden in the colder months. That is unless you embrace the world of fake tanning. Some may worry about looking orange, but there are some incredibly natural looking products out there now. You can self-tan at home using mousse, lotion, or spray. Or you could book into a local beauty salon for a spray tan. Fake tanning is a temporary measure, so don’t worry if you get it wrong first time around. Practice makes perfect. Generally speaking, it pays to spend a little more for recognised brands. Always use a mitt to apply your tan, and exfoliate beforehand. In the winter, you want a more subtle colour than in the summer months. Go for a light tan a few shades darker than your natural skin tone to achieve the perfect look.

Boost your vitamin intake
If you take a look at the ingredients in creams and balms, you’ll often find vitamins, like vitamin E.
You can help your skin out this winter, by adding skin-saving vitamins to your diet. If your skin is dull, try increasing your intake of peppers, carrots and sweet potatoes. If you have dry skin, add avocados, kale, and broccoli to your diet. For flaky, brittle skin, try and eat more oily fish, nuts, and seeds.

Your skin can suffer in the winter when temperatures fall, and the elements are at their most unpredictable. Start protecting your skin now for a healthy, bright winter complexion.


Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Mum’s Guide To Planning For Your First Family Holiday Abroad

Beach breaks to Cornwall and city break in London might make great holidays, but they’re not exactly enriching. Travel should be about getting out there and seeing the world and its many cultures. That’s why traveling abroad on a regular basis is important. As it allows children to be more open-minded and understanding when it comes to other countries and their cultures.
That being said, traveling abroad with children isn’t always the easiest task. As parents, we hate putting ourselves in situations where we make family life even more stressful than it already is. However, sometimes we have to be brave and take a leap of faith. Just because there are things that can go wrong when taking kids abroad, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your trip will end in disaster.
To make the prospect of taking the kids abroad for the first time a little less daunting, below are some planning tips. Take these on board, and you can ensure that your trip is a success.
Pick the perfect destination
on beach 3.jpg
The first step to removing some of the stress from traveling abroad with kids is choosing the right place to visit. As a rule of thumb, you want to go to somewhere that’s child-friendly, such as a seaside resort town. As that way, you know that there will be plenty on offer to keep your kids entertained. For a first trip abroad, the US or somewhere in Europe is ideal. If you're not sure where to go, ask friends or relatives with older kids for advice.
Ensure your travel documents are up to date
The last thing you want after spending hours cramped up on a plane with kids is to be told you don’t have the right travel documents to enter the country. That’s why it’s so important that before your trip, you take the time to research and read up on the entry requirements for your country of choice. Say, for example, you’ve booked a trip to America. It’s important to research their rules and regulations, and also to find out what an ESTA is. Wherever you’re jetting off to, make sure that you take the time to do adequate research into the destination.
Be choosy about your accommodation
pool villa.JPG
When it comes to selecting where to stay, there are a range of factors that need to be taken into account. The first is your budget. How much can you afford to spend? Once you’ve worked that out, the next step is to consider your options. Where do you want your accommodation to be located - in the city, by the beach, or somewhere more remote? This will depend on the type of break that you want, as well as how you’re planning on getting around. Say, for example, you’re hoping to get around by foot, you’ll probably want to stay somewhere that’s close to the town or city centre. Take the time to think your options through, to ensure that you pick the perfect place.
Traveling abroad with kids may be stressful at times, but it’s 100 percent worth the stress. Holidays are where family memories are made and are a great way to teach your children about the world.


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Be Christmas Party Ready With These Foolproof Tips!

Ah, the Christmas party. It's somehow become a bit of a British tradition, and infamous for its occasionally raucous antics. If you're planning a party with your girlfriends, you're probably jumping for joy. If you've got a long-awaited work do to attend, you might be less than enthralled. But whatever your situation is, chances are you will be attended at least a couple of Christmas parties this year. Of course, we are well aware it's only October - but there's never any harm in planning early! Plus, come December there is always a mad rush for glitzy dresses down on the high street, so avoid the rush by getting in there early. Compared to other parties around the year, there is something quite glamorous about a Christmas get-together. After all, you wouldn't go to a lazy summer BBQ in a glittery top and six-inch heels. But - as the saying goes - when in Rome! Follow these top tips to get a Christmas party look that you feel fabulous in.

The outfit

It might be tempting to go for something conservative - to pull that old black dress out of your wardrobe for the umpteenth time and just 'make do'. But, if you can't treat yourself at Christmas, when can you? Be aware that most Christmas parties either involve work colleagues or children from your extended family. So, with that in mind, it is advisable not to go for anything too revealing. But that's not to say that you can’t go for something a little slinkier than you normally would. If you're going for a dress, the high street has some fabulous options at affordable prices. Think H&M, French Connection and Marks and Spencer - all do stunning festive ranges that won't break the bank.

The hair

Christmas hair is all about volume and luxury. If you can, book into your local salon for a treatment to make sure that your hair is as big and bouncy as possible. This can be especially useful if you have a week of parties coming up and you're hoping to spend as little time on your hair as possible. If going to a salon isn't an option for you however, there are plenty of ways you can get gorgeous, party-ready hair at home. Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner to give you that va-va-voom, and hold your style with a non-sticky hairspray. If your hair isn't getting the volume you need, wefted hair extensions could be the answer.

The makeup

In our day to day lives, we don’t tend to wear that much makeup. Busy daily routines, such as being a mum or working in a demanding job, mean that what we put on our faces is usually the last thing on our minds. But Christmas parties are the perfect excuse for you to fall back in love with makeup. That being said, going overboard can give you a bit of a ‘drag queen’ look. However, there’s no harm at all in trying out a new, slightly more dramatic style. Consider donning a bold plum lip, or getting in the festive spirit by trying some glitter eyeshadow.

Monday, 3 October 2016


I love leggings on boys (see post here) so when browsing through instagram I came across Leshy Lamb and instantly fell in love with their clothing range.

'Lovingly handmade to order in the UK to amplify little ones' and big ones' cuteness. From wrapping your bump in our maternity range to cocooning your precious little ones in style and comfort and allowing you to twin and match with them in our women's range, our aim is to make hearts leap, so you scoop your little ones up, swing them round, blow raspberries on their tummies and give them perfect squishes.  
Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Leshy Lamb was established in 2015 and has grown into a small and wonderful team.  
Leshy Lamb links six generations of my family. I started making clothing for my little boy, which I only had the skills and abilities to do because of my granny who spent hours teaching me to be crafty! Her mother and grandmother were seamstresses by trade and when I am absorbed in any craft I feel a connection to these women I never met but am so thankful to. The name Leshy Lamb comes from my mum's loving name for me - her precious, leshious, little lamb.
I hope the designs inspired by my little one bring you as much joy as they have us.'

 I was lucky enough to be sent these two pairs for the boys to review by the lovely Emma and I love them. Josh and Freddie have worn them non stop and they are still in perfect new condition.

I picked these gorgeous snail leggings for Freddie;

Look at them, aren't they the cutest pair of baby leggings you have ever seen? I love the quality and the feel of them they are super soft and stretchy. They don't feel tight in the slightest on his little waist and legs like some other brands can do as they have such a stretchy feel to them. 

They have been washed numerous times as he has worn them the most out of any of his other leggings as I love them so much. They haven't faded or bobbled which is always a massive bonus when you want to keep them in perfect condition.

They go so perfectly with loads of different jumpers/tops and look adorable paired with his white baby converse.

As for Josh I picked these maroon and grey stars as I knew they would look perfect with one of his favourite jumpers he owns;

The fit and feel on his little legs is lovely. He told me they are comfier than his pyjamas and he loves that he can bend his legs so easily in them when playing which is always a plus for a four year old boy who is always on the go.

Leggings are perfect for play days and days out at play centres. He can run around easily and be really comfortable and not restricted like you would be in a pair of jeans. They look fashionable and are the most comfortable piece of clothing you can put on them so what isn't to love? 

Like Freddie, Josh has worn these on so many different occasions and they still look perfect. I want to invest in so many more pairs for them as they really are worth the money and she has so many different designs to chose from there is something for every taste.

She also does women's clothing to match the kids which I love. I love matching the boys and we have plenty of t shirts the same and I love taking shameless photos with them in matching clothes.

She even does a maternity range which is amazing and I bet they would be ridiculously comfortable if the boys leggings are anything to go by I would highly recommend you pregnant mummy's to invest in a few pairs to see you through your pregnancy. I wish I knew about her range when I was pregnant I would of bought loads.

She does those prints in either leggings or a skirt so there are plenty of options  to choose from.

There are even a few bits left in the sale so go and check them out! (My favourite being this snood bib) 

Talking of snoods she has an amazing collection to choose from;

Here are a few of her range of headbands;

A range of her tunic dresses for the little princess in your life;

A range of shorts which are perfect for holidays are general relaxing around the house;

Lastly my favourite out of her entire amazing collection are the unisex leggings, they really are perfect for any little boy/girl or baby;

As you can see, she has such a varied collection of everything you could think of. She works really hard on her range and her effort really shines through the products that she creates. I am so glad I came across her website and I will always be a fan of her clothing for both of my boys!

Honestly go and check out her website here you won't regret it. She is also over on facebook and instagram too.


Saturday, 1 October 2016


Baby dee and me is a clothing brand run by the lovely Stephanie. 

'A mumma and her son creating something different for the little people in your life. I do all the hard work and he is the inspiration. For more of an insight into our life, follow us on Instagram and see our journey in pictures.'

I was sent a tee by the lovely Stephanie to review and I absolutely love it.

The t shirt quality is amazing and so soft. I love the design 'Parky hard' and the writing looks perfect and still as bright after a couple of washes! 

You know when you get a t shirt with a quote and it looks like it will peel? This doesn't in the slightest and I love how big and bright the wording is. I love red on Josh as it can be paired with so many different colours and I just love putting him in a tee and shorts in the summer and jeans/leggings in the winter.

The material is stretchy and of a high standard;

He loves it too which is always a bonus. He told me it felt soft on his skin and he loved the shiny feel of the letters. 

She does her own clothing range but also does wooden blocks for nursery or decor purposes which I love! I also love the leather moccasins she has and have always wanted a pair of them for Freddie! 

You can also order a custom design through her etsy store, so if there was something you wanted on a t shirt for your little one but there isn't anything like it out there why not ask her to make it?

Some of her designs;

As you can see from her designs she really does have something for every taste. Her clothing is a lovely quality and her wooden decor is next on my list as we have just moved out in to our new home and need some new decor.

Luckily for all of you I have a special discount code for you to use on your first order to get 10% off. If you type the discount code AWAKENBEAUTY10 it will take off ten percent at the checkout so even more of a bargain than she already is! I would highly recommend ordering from her as it was very quick delivery and you will certainly not be disappointed with the quality.

Check out her store on etsy. Go and give her a like over on facebook and follow her over on instagram.


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