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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I am so happy that we are finally home. Four days stuck in a hospital with an 8 week old baby is no fun at all. These last four days have been the hardest four days I think I have ever had to deal with. Watching my beautiful tiny baby, get poked and prodded all over the place was very upsetting. Hearing him screaming in pain was complete and utter torture. I also missed Josh ridiculously and it has been the longest I have ever been without him, even though I still saw him every day, it was only for a few hours. He loved his visits to see his little brother though, he wanted to stay and play in the toy room even when we were told we were able to go home.

He pretended to be a doctor, and once finishing checking Freddie he moved on to the babies (maybe a good career path!) He even took in baby Mickey to cheer up Freddie (and as you can see from the photo it worked!) We built a massive lego tower which he loved and it was just nice to be able to spend time with him. On to the results, we still aren't really any clearer on why his temperature was so high. They said he had a 'viral bug' which the antibiotics cleared up. They tried to put another line in him yesterday, after his one in his head fell out for the second time. They tried for twenty minutes and it was heartbreaking to hear them screams. I couldn't go in because I couldn't bare to watch him in pain any more. Will went in with him, and I really respect him even more because he was with him every second of his procedures. 

They decided to stop trying as they were basically just putting the needle in and guessing where a vein was. As his vein's weren't on show, and he looks butchered! They were trying his hands, feet and arm's! He is covered in plasters, he really was a complete trooper and I am so proud of my little boy.

Our last night in hospital was spent eating my body weight in chocolate and cuddling up to him in bed. I really need to start my healthy eating now!!

I now have both boys back on my sofa and I couldn't be any happier. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have two happy healthy boys. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Being A New Parent Is Hard But Worthwhile: Find Your Own Best Way

Image by esudroff
Image by Becoming a parent is many things. Exhilarating. Exhausting. Nerve-wracking. A privilege. In the main, it's a wonderful thing, but there are few parents around who would not admit to having been overwhelmed at some point. Somewhere between conception and birth, you'll have a range of emotions. These will run from dizzying highs to crushing lows, and all people will want to hear about is the highs.
This is not to say that you should look on pregnancy and childbirth as a bad thing at all. The exhilaration certainly outweighs all the bad stuff, but you're just human if you are stricken with doubts and concerns. Just about every parent is, and in the early days, you should take the chance to talk to as many recent parents as you can. Other people who are trying to conceive, or dream of it in the future, may well not get what you're going through.
This continues after your baby is born. Everybody has the same questions and expects you to answer them with the same enthusiasm. Never mind that it's the 100th time you've been asked, and you're exhausted.
It's just a good idea to be ready for this. You're going to be tired, because carrying a baby to term is demanding and stressful. And in the early days you may not get as much sleep as you'd ideally like. This is supportable for a time, because adrenaline and endorphins will be doing a lot of work. But eventually, sleep is going to be important for you and your little one.
It is of major importance that you find a way to ensure that your night's sleep is as peaceful as possible while also ensuring that baby is looked after. Many parents set up an airbed in the nursery to allow them to sleep in there. Some will just sit in a chair by the cot and grab whatever Zs they are allowed to get. But is this the best way to get the rest that allows your body and mind to repair?
Increasingly, parents are finding ways to allow baby to sleep in their rooms and thus have the home bed advantage when it comes to restful sleep. That kind of sleep is essential because it is how your body runs repairs. Keeping baby close by in a crib, such as a Snuzpod 3 in 1 bedside crib, means you can be right there for them. It provides an alternative to co-sleeping, removing the real concerns some parents have about doing that.
Image by Wikipedia
In the early days of parenthood, you will hear so much conflicting advice. Some from your new parent peers, some from people who had their kids decades ago. Some of it will be from people with no kids at all. And some advice, from each of these groups, will be useful. But finding your way is also important because it's a different baby and you're a different parent. So don't let anyone tell you there's a perfect way to do it and you're doing it wrong.

Saturday, 23 July 2016


There is nothing worse than having a poorly baby. There is also nothing worse than watching your little baby go through so much pain to find out what is wrong. On friday, we were at a party where Freddie started getting ridiculously hot and sweaty. After undressing him, and taking him home, he continued to be boiling to the touch and full of sweat. He then slept for a few hours, waking up with sickness and very irritable and once again boiling hot. I took his temperature which was really high and decided to ring NHS direct.

After explaining his symptoms what felt like a million times to them, and the out of hours GP they told me to bring him straight up to A&E. After four failed IV drip attempts and me being a blubbering mess they finally got one fitted in his poor little head. He screamed a lot but was so very brave for such a little baby, a lot braver than I was! They then had to do a DIY job on his head to keep it all in place, and although he looks very silly, he still looks very cute! We got taken to the children's ward and told we should expect to be here for a few days at least. His blood tests came back not bad the doctor said so she needed to do a lumbar puncture. Now I hadn't really heard of a lumbar puncture before, but Will's face told me it wasn't a nice procedure. I could barely watch them take blood and fit an IV drip so I knew I would be far too upset to witness this! 

Off Will went with him while I waited outside the door. Honestly this was the worst moment of my life listening to his screams. They weren't just normal baby screams they were something else and something that will stay with me for life. Twenty minutes of complete screaming and sadness from my little boy. They tried and tried to make it work, but they said as he moved so much when they had to crunch him in to a ball, they kept hitting his bone and that's what was causing him to be in so much pain. I went in the room as I couldn't cope listening to him be so upset without me in there, and the bed was full of his sweat and he was so red to look at and really sad. It honestly felt like an eternity and I just wanted to walk in and grab him off them and was so close to telling them to leave him alone, but I know they have to do it, and it is in his best interest.

After that was finally over I got to cuddle him for most of the day. The test results don't come back for up to 48 hours so it's really just a waiting game. His temp has come down and stayed down which is a good sign and he is giving me lots of smiles which makes me very happy! The night wasn't the comfiest I must admit, but Freddie slept well and had a few feeds so that's all we care about. His line wont clear this morning, so I do think they have to pull all that tape off and put in another one which I know won't make him best pleased! (which they have just gone to do, poor Will has to be the brave one again!)

Josh isn't too happy with us being gone either, his crying to me on face time broke my heart! He just wants his little brother home and his mummy to cuddle! I am hoping he can come in and spend the day here today as there is a toy room and we can take a walk around! Although I don't think he will want to leave me again after. I guess it's just a waiting game now, he is currently on antibiotics which seem to be making him happier, so lets just hope he has a virus and will be fit and happy to take home on Monday! 

Fingers crossed and lot's of cuddles for my little boy!



Thursday, 21 July 2016


I havent really done any tag post's on my blog before so thought I would join in on one! Every Friday I aim for my posts to be #littleloves which was started by Morgana

(his photo looks like a mug shot he ran out and said Mum look how bad this photo is!)

This week we had their school reports back and I don't really know what to make of it. They made out he could only match numbers 1-3 which I know he can do a lot more. They said he was a very happy, lovely little boy who was very proud of his little baby brother. How cute I am glad he talks happily about having a little brother. They also said he loves role play activities which I know, and he loves pretending he is a doctor and fixing all the dolls!! We also got given their books full of drawings and things they had completed over the last year of nursery. He drew a picture of his best friend Oliver which was really sweet. I don't know how he will cope without him for the next seven weeks!

I barely ever have time to watch TV. I think it will be different when we move in to our own house as at the moment I just watch what my parents have on TV. Most of the time its just background noise as I just sit with Josh to see what he's put on youtube. Although this week I did watch the episode of Coronation Street where Kylie died and I was an emotional wreck. It did show you how you should truly appreciate everyone you have in your life as things can happen so quickly and I went to bed feeling quite sad!

I was laying in bed with the boys and trying to stop Freddie from crying. I kept repeatedly singing Mummy loves Josh & Mummy loves Freddie, He started to calm down and coo. Josh looks over at us both and shouts 'I love you too Freddie, I love you too mummy' It melted my heart.

We haven't really made anything this week apart from painted a few pictures! We did make a car track on the beach which Josh loved. He sent the cars shooting down in to the hole he had dug and he played happily for an hour! He also went back and fore to the sea to collect water for his track, although by the time he walked back all his water had fallen from his bucket! The picture me and Josh decided to compare our handprints, he then wanted to try and do Freddie's. Which as you can see didn't quite go to plan!

This week on Tuesday was Josh's nursery's sports day and it was emotional! He did so well getting on with the fact his shorts fell down half way through the race and his shoes fell off!! Everyone was laughing and he was still really happy with himself bless him. He was wearing little bird shorts from Mothercare (although Ava pulled them off a lot better his were a tad big!) and his paint splatter top with his name from talibri kidswear

This week has been an emotional one. His last week in little school, and he has come a long so much. He had his sports day and a day full of fun with his school friends. We went trampolining and for lunch and he had a lovely time. We also took Freddie on his first trip to Barry Island as Josh loves it there. We took a tonne of 2p's and played in the arcades and Josh had a ball. We went on the beach, in the sea and the smiles on Josh's face was so lovely to see. We kept Freddie under the tent the entire time and he slept the majority of our trip which meant Josh had our full attention so he was happy. He really loved the sea and playing car parks in the sand with his toy cars. I love taking him on day trips and watching his face light up it really makes my day. 


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Feeling Good At The Pool: Mum Tums & Body Confidence*

It’s no secret that when you have a baby, your body changes; you gain weight in strange places, and your skin becomes drier and duller. It’s all to do with hormones and, of course, carting around a little one inside you for the best part of a year. Once you’ve given birth and your bundle of joy is here, you then want to get your body back in shape, the only problem is that it can take time.

Sometimes, even after shifting all the weight that you gained while pregnant, you can still feel uncomfortable with your body. This means that you lack confidence because your body won’t go back to exactly what it was like before. A lot of mums miss out on important experiences with their kids, like playing at your local pool, because they lack confidence. As a mum, I know exactly, what this is like.

baby swim.jpg

To help you learn to love your post-baby body, I thought I would share a few tips and tricks for learning to love your new body.

Be healthy and active

The most important thing you can do post-baby is be healthy and active. This is not only important for helping to shift any excess weight and get yourself back in shape, but also to boost your confidence. Research has shown that the healthier and more active your lifestyle, the better about yourself you will feel. That’s why, post-baby, it’s crucial to eat a healthy diet and to be as active as possible. Do this and you’ll love your body more and be happier in general.

Treat yourself to new swimwear

The idea of squeezing back into your pre-baby swimwear probably scares the hell out of you, so don’t try to. Instead, opt to buy new swimwear. Head to your local mall and get trying on a range of swimsuits to see what looks and feels good. Maybe you used to wear a low-cut bikini but thanks to your c-section, feel like you no longer want to? If this is the case, opt for a high-waisted bikini - you’ll feel much happier and more confident at the pool if you do. You could also opt to invest in some new body jewellery online to help to boost your confidence even more. These might only be small things, but you’d be amazed at how effective they can be when it comes to boosting your self-esteem.

Be positive about your body

By far the best thing you can do when it comes to feeling good at the pool is be positive about your body. Don’t compare yourself to others, as this is always going to make you feel rubbish. Instead, be positive about your body and learn to love yourself for who you are. Your tummy may not be as flat as before you have a baby but that’s natural - ask any mum. Just think of how amazing your body is, and how it was able to carry and safely deliver a child. Your body is amazing in so many ways, just because you’re not as toned as you used to be, doesn’t mean you should lack confidence.

So there you have it, the best ways to ensure that when you’re at the pool with your kids, you feel good about yourself. Being a mum comes with lots of compromises, a less toned body being one of them. But don’t let this get you down, just think how amazing your body actually is.

Sunday, 17 July 2016


When having a baby there are so many things to think about. One of the most stressful things during pregnancy is preparing for your baby, not just mentally but physically having your home ready and suitable in time for the birth!

A baby spends the majority of each day for the first few weeks sleeping, so choosing where your baby will sleep is an important decision.
There are many questions you should consider when choosing the perfect crib or moses basket, like, is it safe? or; will your baby be comfortable?

There is nothing more lovely than looking at a brand new moses basket all set up and ready waiting for your new born baby to arrive. I had this moses basket for a few weeks before my due date and each time I saw it, I became more and more excited for the new adventure to start (and the sleepless nights!).

When I had Josh, he slept in a crib next to my bed in the night, and a moses basket set up downstairs for his daily naps. This worked well with Josh so we've decided to do it again with Freddie. For his night time sleeping we decided on the Chico - Next to Me crib (review coming soon), and for the day time we were lucky enough to be gifted with this beautiful waffle moses basket by Clair De Lune. 


  • Comes complete with a hood, padded liner and a mattress
  • Soft cotton fabrics combined with soft jersey cotton
  • Removable and washable dressing
  • Item is assembled
  • Made in the UK

This moses basket really is beautiful and you can choose from white, dark brown and natural. We went for the white and silver moses basket as that was the theme we already had planned for his nursery. It really is such a stylish moses basket and will look lovely with any room decor. The leather handles are very sturdy which makes it easy and safe to move from one room to another which is brilliant. For a moses basket, it is extremely light and looks lovely with the hood up in position or down. I love the dangling star attached as I think it makes the moses basket stand out and Freddie loves to stare at it which is nice. The star has so much detail and you can tell a lot of effort was put in to create this basket.

It is really easy to remove and wash the fabric which is always good as babies can be sick quite a lot. (Freddie is a very sicky baby) So its always a benefit when things can easily be removed to wash and clean and attach back on with ease. You can either purchase this basket with or without a stand, but I would recommend a rocking stand as they are perfect for sending your little ones off to sleep. Freddie loves being gently rocked back and fore and falls asleep in minutes. 

As for comfort, Freddie has no trouble using this basket to fall asleep in. I can put him in awake and he will soon drop off to sleep. He looks so snug and cosy inside it makes me want to be a new born baby all over again. I really do recommend this basket to anyone pregnant or with a new born. Not only is it beautiful to look at it, It's really easy to clean, manoeuvre around the house and very comfortable for baby to sleep inside. Freddie is currently 7 weeks old and has plenty of room left so it will last you a good few months too!

Whenever we have friends and family over they always compliment us on our moses basket. One of my friends has even asked to have it after us as she loved it so much.

To find out more about this basket go over to the Wayfair website and take a look. It retails at £80.99 (although currently reduced to £71.99 and stand sold separately) which I think is a brilliant price for a moses basket which will be used in your daily routine. It makes the perfect gift to anybody expecting a baby. Freddie and I love it.

If you had to pick which colour would you chose? 

*I was gifted this basket for the purpose of a review but all opinions are 100% honest.
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