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Saturday, 27 August 2016


I was browsing through my photos on my phone at 3AM whilst doing the night feed and something dawned on me. In front of my eyes were countless photo's of Josh and Freddie, millions of Will and the boys and less than a handful with me in! I think I have taken the job title of chief family photographer and its makes me a little sad. Go on, take a look through your phone right now, I bet you will be quite surprised too! I absolutely love taking photos of the boys and capturing all their adventures to look back on in a few years time. I mean take a look at my facebook and you will see tonnes of photos of them probably to the annoyance of a few people! (wait till you have kids and you will be the same!) You will also see a fair few photos of Will and the boys as I love taking photos of those special moments for Will to remember. I don't just mean your average smile photo, but the moments you can't take photo's of yourself but memories you will want to have in photo form to keep and cherish forever. I mean look at these photos, would you really of remembered all these times together if it wasn't for the pictures to look back on? No you really wouldn't, and that is why these photos are so important. Take them, take lots of photos, get on everyones nerves with the many pictures you upload because photos are priceless and you only live in that moment once so take full advantage!

I guess dads don't really think like us mums do,  when I see Will with one of the boys either playing together, climbing trees or just generally having a daddy moment I quickly grab my phone and snap a photo. I know in a good ten/fifteen years time when he looks back on all the photos it will take him straight back to that time in his life and he will be happily reminded of the lovely time he had growing up with them. I will be looking back at photos of them and thinking what was I doing? Standing behind my phone screen and saying 'Josh say cheese, come on you can give a better smile than that' Why can't dads think the same? Why don't they look at a moment you are having with your children and think I know lets take a snap that will last forever. 

I have to admit though, it can be partly my fault too! I can take photos of us all together but think;

Oh well actually I have no make up on today
I look really tired though, don't I?
The size of the spot on my head would just jump out in any photo
I really should get my roots done
Wow I thought I had lost a bit of baby weight
That angle is awful
How bad does my skin look?
Could my hair be any frizzier? 

Like, really does it matter? Will you and the kids look back at the photos and think oh wow mum you look really bad in that photo (well they will probably laugh at the outfit choices I made just like I do with my parents now!) or will it just take them back to their happiest times in life with their mum? Trips to the zoo, the farm, family holidays and many more adventures, as long as the photos are happy and smiley and a reminder of the love you have for your family who cares what you look like! Step out in front of that camera and smile! You can't rewind time, and as much as you think you will remember all these times growing up with your kids trust me there will be so many you can easily forget. I look back on my phone now from a year ago and remember family trips just because I took a good few photos rather than them being stored just in my head.

So dad's please just stop what you are doing for a few seconds of the day, take out your phone or camera and snap away. Snap anything, because they really will mean the world to your wife/girlfriend and you can know you were part the reason your great grandchildren will be laughing while looking back at them in countless photo albums. 

Snap away and enjoy the moment and don't take for granted the memories you are sharing because you aren't capturing them.

One day, photo's will be the only thing your family will have of you, so please make sure you're in them!

Just finishing typing up this post and I turn around to yet another photo opportunity, come on boys take note one perfect heart warming photo;



Thursday, 25 August 2016


Okay, I admit, I have a zara addiction for my children;

Okay so Will, please click off this as you will want to kill me. Remember how cute your little boy looks every day before you shout, please?

I didn't realise how many outfits I had from the Zara mini collection until I put them together, look at it alll! I have lot's of duplicates in different sizes as I love the clothes so much. 

Zara have the cutest little clothes for little people, although the mini size is quite that very mini. I would say it is very small sizing, and not much difference in each size but that didn't stop me from buying every size clearly.

I just love the fit of it all and how cute Freddie looks in each outfit.

I love the panda's and the pear's, look how teeny he was!

 Look at that smiley happy face!! I love this River Island jumper with some of his mini leggings he looks too cute.

Wow look at the size difference, can you stop growing now please Freddie?

 His face has barely changed but look how chunky he has got! Bears have got to be my ultimate favourite on him.

Look how cute and wintery he looks in summer! 

Look at those little legs! I can't believe he was so small! He is currently in the 3/6 mini section although not for long and I am dreading it when he outgrows his 9/12 as that is the last size they do! 

Honestly if you or your friend are having a baby check out the Zara website and go on to the mini collection as the price isn't ridiculous and the outfits are beautiful. He gets so many compliments whenever he is dressed in mini and I just love the way they fit and look on him.

They have a really cute girls collection too so not just for boys! 

Are you as crazy as me when it comes to baby clothes? He has a ridiculous amount piled up high and he has barely worn any of his baby grows (in my defence he gets so hot he's been living in vests!) 

To make it worse, you should see his general Zara collection that isn't mini! It is ridiculous. I shouldn't of started buying them before he was born as I have ended up having around 40+ pairs of leggings (shameful!) That post will be coming up soon, I just didn't want to give Will a heart attack! 

Which outfit is your favourite?



Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Talibri kidswear is a kids fashion website run by a lovely girl called Tasha. I first came across her website as my best friend placed an order with her and I loved the look of every thing she had ordered. I decided to place my first order and picked the Joshua camo top and Freddie camo sleep suit. They were both made within a few days and hand delivered as she lives local to me and I loved them. The t shirts are of such good quality compared to the rubbish you can get from some smaller run shops. I am yet to try the sleep suit on Freddie yet as he is still a little small for it. It feels lovely and soft and the same quality as the t shirts too.

The camo shorts are amazing. They are super soft and stretchy and I love how they fit Josh. It is the style that I love and they are made to such a high quality. 

Tasha keeps bringing out new designs every week (which isn't good for my bank balance!) and I love every thing she makes. My next two tops arrived the paint splatter Josh t shirt and a custom made 'Aint a women alive that could take my mama's place.' I love both so much and have had so many people asking where they can purchase them. I messaged Tasha asking if she took custom designs and she did. So picked the quote and colour and off she went and made the exact t shirt I wanted.

 I also picked a paint splatter vest to match Josh's t shirt for Freddie (how adorable can you get?)  The fit is perfect and yet again it washes brilliantly. I love it on him he looks so cute. It is a really lovely quality and feels nice and soft. I love personalised clothing I think the photos will be really nice to look back on in years to come.

Also for Freddie was this lovely baby grow obviously with his name, can you tell my obsession yet?

My favourite purchase of the lot? This backpack for Josh. He loves it. I originally bought it for him to take to big school when he starts in September, but as soon as he saw it he had to start using it from that very second. He loves putting it on his back and walking in to nursery. I have heard the other parents say 'Look at how good Josh's back pack looks' and he loves the compliments.

Take a look at all of her brand new stock coming up, I can't wait for the boys to have them!

I really do highly recommend Tasha and her brand Talibri kids to anyone! She is a lovely girl who always thinks of her customers and their needs. Her clothing and accessories are such good quality that you don't want to miss!

Check out her website here and she is also on facebook and instagram



Monday, 22 August 2016


The last couple of months with the house move, and Will working we haven't really had that much time together as a family. So last Friday I decided we were going to do something fun and go out together.  I was trying to think of a few places we could go and remembered seeing my friends post on her blog about Green Meadow farm. It looked like she had a lovely day out so decided that was the perfect family destination for the day! 

Off we went and it took around half an hour to get there. Once we arrived we were greeted by a little pond with lots of ducks and Josh got all excited about how he was going to tell Nanny as they are her favourite animals (bless him) To get in to the farm you have to walk through the shop which isn't such a great idea with a four year old who thinks he can have a present whenever he enters any kind of shop. The prices weren't too bad, Josh was £4.95 and me and Will were £5.95 each and the baby was obviously free. As we headed in we were given a map of the farm and stickers to show that we had paid. Josh was very excited by his sticker and he put it straight on to his top.

Off we walked through the entrance to be greeted by a man making and selling balloons but I managed to steer Josh away (until later anyway!) Everywhere you looked there were hand washing stations which is always good to see at a farm. We found some benches outside which was the perfect location for the picnic we had packed. 

After we had our picnic we took a look at the little play area they had to offer. I loved the tractor slide, as did Josh. The climbing stones he loved too as he loves practising his balance. They had loads of mega block type blocks which Josh had so much fun stacking up and making 'huge towers' They had a huge connect four game for all the children to enjoy, along with a sand pit area, ride on tractors and mini see saws scattered all over the place.

We found a wishing well and told Josh to go over and make a wish with his coins. I told him not to tell mummy the wish he made as it has to be kept a secret. Off he runs, and shouts out every thing he was wishing for (don't think he quite understood the word secret) 

After more playing with the blocks, the slides and tractors we then bumped into the balloon maker again. He only charged a pound per balloon so off Josh went with his pound and asked for spiderman! He was very lovely and Josh was pleased with his attempt at a spiderman. He took him round the entire farm but we kept seeing children crying as theirs kept popping so I told him he had to be extra careful (he popped an hour later) 

After searching for a tractor for Josh to climb in (and show off his spiderman) we took a look at the animals they had to offer. Lots of pigs/goats and cows. Josh told me his favourite were the pigs as they stank! He really enjoyed looking at all the rosettes and asked if he could take them home. 

They also had a room full of learning activities for the children to do which I loved. Josh obviously took full advantage of the photo opportunities inside the donkey and the cow. He also milked the pretend cow and I explained to him that his milk he drank in the mornings came from there! 

They had an adventure park which was Josh's favourite thing about the entire farm. A big wooden playground with lots of climbing frames, slides and monkey bars. This was the first time he braved the monkey bars on his own and although he did need my help he did a super good job. Freddie was so good the entire way around the farm, although he doesn't look too impressed in that photo does he? 

Before we went, we took another look at all the animals and let Josh have one last go in the little park they had. He is just starting to get more confident with the 'big boy swing' I wasn't very impressed with how high Will chucked him in the air mind. After snapping the picture I did have words with him! (for nearly giving me a heart attack!) Josh had such a lovely day, as did we as a family it was really nice to spend quality time together. He was knackered when we got home which is always good!

How can you go to a farm without picking a present in the farm shop on the way out.

We really did have a lovely day and I would highly recommend a visit to Green Meadow farm if you live around here! Last but not least the funniest photo of the day has to be this, it wasn't until after I got home and looked through my pictures did I find it!

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