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Monday, 26 September 2016

Baby Brain? Escape Motherhood With A Spa Day At Home With These Tips

We all have days where we have spent so much time with our little ones that we have baby brain. After all, it’s so hard to think about ourselves when we have kids. Our world often becomes full of nappies and Peppa Pig. However, it’s so important to give yourself a rest now and again, so that you are refreshed and ready to look after the kids. Therefore, ask your partner or a grandparent to look after your little ones for an hour or two and then you can pamper yourself. And you don’t even have to leave the door and spend a fortune; here are some tips for escaping motherhood with a spa day at home!

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Make or buy a face mask

One thing which often gets neglected when we are busy with our little ones is our skin. We often forget to moisturise it every day once we have kids, and it’s easy for it to deteriorate. Therefore, during your spa day at home, you should make or buy a face mask which will exfoliate your skin. Face masks are perfect for leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. There are many you can buy such as this one I wrote about previously. Or you can make your own with items you have in your home. For example, a mashed up banana can leave your skin feeling much softer. Or a mix of avocado and honey with coconut oil is great for replenishing dry skin. Remember to get some cucumbers for your eyes which are ideal for getting rid of those eye bags from having kids!

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Change into your bathrobe

When you go to the spa, one of the best things is when you change into their comfortable dressing gowns! Therefore, repeat this experience at home by getting out your cozy bathrobe out to relax in while you are completing your treatments. It will ensure you stay comfortable while you are giving your body some TLC. Make sure it’s nice and hot before you put it on. If you don’t have a good one already, you can look online to find hotel linen suppliers who sell great quality bathrobes and towels for your spa day at home.

Put on some candles

If you want to truly relax, you need to make your bathroom as dark as possible. Otherwise, you will stay alert while you are attempting to switch off. Therefore, turn off the lights and get some candles which will ensure you relax in a quiet and calming environment. As this article says, you could even get some scented candles which will ensure the room smells lovely while you relax

Give yourself a pedicure

It’s easy to forget about our lovely feet while we are looking after kids all day. But they need some love too. Fill a deep bowl with water and soap and then relax your feet in there for a few minutes. You can then remove them and apply some great moisturising foot cream which will help to remove any dead skin. You can then cut the nails and then apply some nail polish to ensure they look great.

Remember to drink plenty of lemon water while you are relaxing during your spa day at home. It will help to give your immune system a boost by stimulating the white blood cells.


Sunday, 25 September 2016


So my little one, how are you four months old already? You have made our family of boys even more special and mummy, daddy and your big brother love you to the moon and back! I can't wait to watch you grow my special boy!



Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I was recently sent these lovely matching top and vest set from laurendwyer and I love them. I always call Josh my little bear cub so it really was the perfect choice of tee for him and to have the matching version in a vest for Freddie was even better.

Cotton baby vest and T-shirt with hand screen printed BEAR CUB design.
Available in white.
Hand screen printed design wash with care; 
30°C wash Maximum 
Do not tumble dry 
Iron inside out

I love the fit on the t shirt on Josh, with the folded back arms its the perfect over size look which I love on him.

He has worn it a good fews times already and it has washed lovely. It would look lovely paired with jeans and a jacket in winter and as you can see looks lovely with a pair of shorts in the summer. I sent him to his dads in this outfit and he didn't complain which has to say something as he usually moans at the clothes I dress him in!

The vest is a lovely fit and feels lovely and soft which is always good for a new borns skin. He is my little baby bear cub and I love matching the boys so much. The vest looks perfect alone in the hot weather we have had recently (all 2/3 days of it anyway) but also looks lovely paired with every single pair of leggings he owns.

This has also been washed a lot as you all know Freddie is prone to being sick over every thing he owns which means a lot of washing! The print still looks perfect and hasn't faded in the slightest which is always something to be on the look for when it comes to clothes.

They arrived so quickly and was packaged lovely. These are a few bits from her range that I also want in my life;

Will needs this so we can all match, who doesn't love matching family clothing!

 All vest designs can be printed on t shirts

 You can also purchase a gift voucher ranging from £5-£25 which would be a brilliant idea for anyone who loves dressing their children like I do.

I would highly recommend her brand she is lovely as is her products.

Head on over to her website here. She is also on facebook and instagram.



Monday, 12 September 2016

Entertain Your Kids With These Fun-Filled Days Out


Little ones seem to have a never ending supply of energy. So you’re going to have to put a little effort in when it comes to keeping them happy, occupied and entertained. Here are a few ideas to try out.


Trampolining is a great way to keep kids active. But not every home has a garden and some gardens are too small to provide room for your own trampoline. Trampoline Park is a centre dedicated to trampolining. It’s affordable and you receive special trampoline socks to ensure that you’re safe and sound as you bounce up and down.


If you’re interested in showing your child the way people used to leave before modern day technology, this will be a great day out. Ironbridge is a mock Industrial Revolution era town. Actors teach your little ones about life in their times. All in full costume. There are museums, old time sweet shops and even a small fairground.

Dinosaur Adventure Park

Ask any parent and you’ll find out that most kids will go through a dinosaur phase.This isn’t surprising. I mean, what’s not to love about giant, prehistoric lizards? Take your kids to dinosaur adventure park. A wooded trail leads you to all of your favourite dinosaurs. Even a T-Rex. Audio equipment throughout the park plays prehistoric sounds to give a more realistic effect.

Dino Snores

Dinosaur themed again, I know. But kids can’t get enough of the prehistoric giants. The natural history museum is fun for kids and adults of all ages. But did you know that you can sleep over there? It’s like a real life Night at the Museum. Dino Snores lets kids aged seven to eleven play in the museum after dark, when everyone else has gone home. After fun filled activities, they get to sleep under the museum’s dinosaur exhibit. They get breakfast and are sent home smiling with a t-shirt of their own design and a goody bag.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Have you ever met a child who’s not entirely engrossed in the Harry Potter stories? This tour lets them see the sets, drink butterbeer and check out the Hogwarts express. It’s like being a student at Hogwarts for the day. What more could a kid want? Beforehand, get your children to choose a house team. Scarves are available in all of the house colours, or you could have fun making badges for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. It truly is a magical day out to remember.

Eden Project

This really does look fun. Who doesn’t want to venture into what looks like three giant bubbles. It’s like going into a whole new world. Your little one will learn so much whilst they experience climates that only usually exist in other parts of the world. One biome holds a tropical rainforest ecosystem and the other hosts Mediterranean trees and plants. There’s even a nest platform and a zip wire if they’re old enough and feeling brave. The Eden project is a truly unique experience.

Friday, 9 September 2016


We decided to take a trip to Ponty Lido with the boys as it was a nice sunny day and we wanted to make the most of the last week summer holiday! Josh had a ball he absolutely loved it there! 

It is basically like a holiday complex with sunbeds, changing rooms, a massive swimming pool for both adults children and babies. They also have a blow up activity adventure slide which was a little big for Josh but I saw quite a few around his age have a go! (my heart wouldn't cope!) Josh spent most of the time in the 'baby pool' he doesn't really like deep water so he was in his element with the water fountain and being able to run around without the thought of going under water. 

You have to have one adult to one child in the water, so I stayed out with Freddie and Will went in with Josh. Although he complained about how cold he was (baby!) I sat and watched with my cheesy beans and chips and had a sit down talking to Freddie in his pram.

A few cuddles with Josh to get him warm and some more playing in the pool with Will, while I stayed watching and taking plenty of photos. Even a few smiles from Freddie who is just a little bit small to be playing in pools! It was quite overcast while we were in the water, only a few times did the sun come out to warm us up.

We then headed off to the carnival they had open which was next to the swimming pools;

I bought Josh 12 tokens and said once they were gone they were gone and said he could use them on whatever he liked. He ran straight to the rides and jumped on! Each ride was 2 tokens each and he loved it. He used three tokens on the puppy catcher and won a prize (you win one every time) he obviously chose a gun because he's a typical boy. More shooting around the carnival and he had two goes on the helicopter ride and 2 goes on the car's ride.

A couple more goes on the rides and the blow up slide which he loved for a few minutes until he came flying down and took all the skin off his arm! After that he was ready to take a look around and visit the park they had there.

On to the park;

The park is actually a really good size! They had lots to do for little ones of all ages I was really impressed. Josh stayed mainly in the sand which surprised me as usually he hates sand. He really enjoyed placing it on the black belt and moving it up and watching it fall. He obviously loved the little tunnel and slides and mainly just played on them and didn't take much notice of anything else! It was a lot brighter at this point which always help when you're at a park. 

He absolutely loved the trip and I would recommend going to anyone with children it was a lovely family day out.

We then ended the day with a trip to the park with his friends by our house but he was so tired he was a little monkey! 

He even sat on the pram on the walk home because his legs were 'too tired'



Thursday, 8 September 2016


So the day has come where I leave you enter the world of school. Tucking you in to bed last night was an emotional one my beautiful little boy (I kept you up a little longer and cherished those cuddles!) I just can't quite believe that you are even big enough to go to full time school, how? How is my little boy grown up enough to hack all day at a school. The thought of walking you to your playground and waving you off into the world of unknown terrifies me little one. Watching you form a line with the other little children ready to walk in to the school by yourself will set me off completely. I am so used to having you there every day how will I cope without you by my side? You won't be there from 9am-330pm in my life monday-friday. What about our play dates with your friends? Afternoons at the park and going on adventure treasure hunts. I know I have your brother to keep me company but without you there my life will feel so unusual.

Will you wonder where I am? Will you miss me as much as I will miss you? What if you fall over and need me to give you a magic kiss and a cuddle to make you feel better? I just don't think I am ready to let you grow my heart breaks at the thought of letting you grow up. Letting you in to the big wide world of learning and becoming independent. 

Your uniform and school shoes are waiting downstairs for you. You picked your dinosaur shoes with such excitement with the dino footprint at the bottom and walked back and fore to make sure they were comfortable. Your uniform drowns you a little as you are still quite small I mean you have only recently turned four! All the other children just seem so much bigger than you as lots of them are soon to turn five. I think there is such a massive difference between four and five and the things you can learn in a year its crazy.

Will you be able to dress yourself? Will you eat all of your paw patrol filled lunch box? What if you are too scared to ask to go to the toilet? Or what if you are by yourself all day without anybody to play with as you can get quite shy! Please find some little friends to join in with and play. I know after a few weeks you will be fine its just the thought of actually letting you go. As you are my shadow, my best friend and you are always stuck to my side. I hope you stay friends with your nursery friend who you love, and grow up with each other as I always thought it would be lovely to have a friend stay the same throughout my childhood. 

You are so excited about your book bag and I can't wait for you to come home and read your books with me. I can't wait for you to come home and tell me all about your day and what you got up to and what you have learnt. You are so bright, I hope your teacher can see that. Your imagination is incredible and I am so proud of you every single day. You light up my world and I know that you will bring happiness to the children and teachers around you. You will be amazing at anything you put your mind to my beautiful boy I know you will and I know its time to let our special bond be shared. 

I will fight back the tears as I know today will be the day I say goodbye to my little boy who is all mine, and bring home someone who will just seem a lot more grown up. I can't wait to see your happy smiley face run out at me when I pick you up, and I can't wait to play superheroes for hours after school as they are the moment I will cherish forever. Thank you for giving me the best four years and three months of my life, you really are mummy's best friend and I love you all the stars in the sky. 

You did me so proud Mr! You walked in with happiness and went down those big steps all by yourself! Mummy cried the entire way home and I am still sobbing now! I can't wait to hear all about your day and pick you up! Have a ball Josh these are the best times of your life

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